LLE is also widely used in the production of fine organic compounds, the processing of perfumes, the production of vegetable oils and biodiesel, and other industries. It is among the most common initial separation techniques, though some difficulties result in extracting out closely related functional groups.

A distillation column is a tube that provides surfaces on which condensations and vaporizations can occur before the gas enters the condenser in order to concentrate the more volatile liquid in the first fractions and the less volatile components in the later fractions.

With a unique combination of evaporation and condensation processes in the same chamber, Short Path Distillation Units (SPDU) can be proficiently used for heat sensitive products and high boiling compounds. Fine vacuum distillation can be used for getting the desired distillate rates and achieve distillation of varieties of substances. The pressure drop in the normal distillation columns is eliminated in the Short Path Distillation Units (SPDU) since the vapor traverses short distance, thereby making wide range of undistillable products easily distillable. Our Short path evaporators offer excellent results in evaporation, concentration, distillation or degassing of high boiling and temperature sensitive products.

Agitated thin-film evaporation has been very successful with difficult-to-handle products. Simply stated, the method quickly separates the volatile from the less volatile components using indirect heat transfer and mechanical agitation of the flowing product film under controlled conditions.